If you are concerned about some mold in your home, contact Certified Restoration today. Our mold removal experts can quickly analyze the mold in your home, determine whether or not the mold is dangerous, and then take steps to perform mold remediation. Certified Restoration can fix the damage, and get your home back to safe and sound conditions. Call today!

Molded wall due to possible water leakage Certified Restoration is proud to offer indoor air quality assessments, mold assessments, and mold remediation services to our customers. When a home or business sustains even minor water leaks, mold and mildew can grow very quickly if the damaged area is not properly extracted and dried. With years of experience in mold assessments and remediation and indoor air quality assessments, Certified Restoration is the premier company to call for mold inspection and remediation services.

When purchasing a new house, it is important to have a mold assessment conducted. Sellers won’t always mention prior problems with flooding and water for fear of ruining the sell, so the only way to be certain that there are no lingering mold issues is to have an assessment conducted.

Mold and mildew typically grows and thrives in dark, damp places, such as inside walls, under flooring, behind appliances, and air conditioning vents. Houses are also being built more efficiently to lower heating and cooling costs, so moisture gets trapped inside those areas and contributes to mold growth. While mold by itself is not particularly dangerous, the byproducts of mold – mycotoxins and spores – can pose very serious short-term and long-term health problems, especially for young children, the chronically sick, and the elderly.

Black mold, especially, is linked to very serious health problems including heart problems, cancer, lupus, and bleeding lungs. The symptoms of mold exposure are often similar to those of the common cold. If you or someone in your home has experienced headaches, nausea, breathing difficulties, asthma, and respiratory problems or infections such as pneumonia, visit your physician immediately.